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Andre’s Travel blog highlights unique travel destinations, travel tips & current trends in the travel industry. Our world is changing rapidly & not necessarily always for the better. I enjoying using my travel blog as a platform to address the causes and challenges, which directly affect tourism. Not only does this blog inform travelers about what is happening in the world of travel, but it also gives me the opportunity to offer sage advice. I will help you navigate the changes & travel better.

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Iceland is open!

Iceland is Open! UPDATE: Iceland plans opening for non-essential North American travelersNEW: Video - Safe Travel with IcelandairNEW: On Board Safety MeasuresREMINDER: Travel Policies for Peace of Mind bookings & reservation cancellations While today, June 15, 2020 marks the official re-opening of Iceland, travelers looking to visit from North America have just a bit longer to wait. Iceland is Open Non-essential travel to Iceland by US and Canadian passport holders will be welcomed soon. Currently, only travelers deemed essential are permitted to enter Iceland through the end of June,...

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If you can't go to Spain … try St. Augustine, Florida

Tucked on the northeast coast of Florida is America's oldest city, founded by the Spanish in 1565. You can feel St. Augustine's 450-year-old Spanish heritage as you stroll through the narrow stone and brick-paved streets of the historic downtown district. There are 144 blocks that are all chock-full of Spanish colonial-style buildings, some dating back several centuries, and now house boutiques, antique shops, galleries, and atmospheric sidewalk cafes. The city is also home to several magnificent 19th-century Spanish Renaissance Revival buildings that resemble Spanish palaces, including...

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If you can't go to Tuscany, Italy … try Napa Valley, California

Rolling acres of vineyards, charming rural towns, and tasting rooms pouring hearty red wines are among the many reasons you might want to visit Tuscany. They're also found in droves in the beautiful Napa Valle. Like its Italian counterpart, Napa is best known for its wineries and you'll find some 500 of them here, often built in a style reminiscent of those in the Italian countryside. Among them is Andretti Winery, founded by Italian racecar champ Mario Andretti, whose stone courtyard, fountains, and villa-like tasting room conjures Tuscany at its finest. And Calistoga's Castello Di Amorosa...

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To sign up and join the exclusive virtual tour, please provide your name and time travel email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak084e65c08c83a0f4edae9f4aaccbb5c5').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy084e65c08c83a0f4edae9f4aaccbb5c5 = 'infor' + '@'; addy084e65c08c83a0f4edae9f4aaccbb5c5 = addy084e65c08c83a0f4edae9f4aaccbb5c5 + 'timetravelsinc' + '.' + 'com'; var addy_text084e65c08c83a0f4edae9f4aaccbb5c5...

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South Pacific Virtual Vacation

The South Pacific is incredibly vast and blue, covering 11 million square miles stretching from the top of Australia to the Hawaiian Islands. Celebrated by artists and writers, from Paul Gauguin to James Michener, these thousands of tiny coral and volcanic-stone dots are home to fascinating peoples and cultures. Our presentation will focus on Tahiti and Fiji - the two most well known. We will explore their allure to honeymooners, divers, adventures and those drawn to the lure of South Pacific. cast away on a palm fringed Fijian island or perhaps on over-water bungalow in Tahiti is more to...

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Australia Virtual Vacation

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The winds of change have been forced upon us.  Humanity is in the hot seat. There will be more pain before it's over.  But, please, do not lose the faith, as there is an inspiring bright spot to this chaos.  Our natural world & the environment as a whole are reaping the benefits of our mandatory pause in consumption. Nature heals when given the opportunity. People worldwide are taking note & sharing this uplifting information. We will travel again. We should not stop dreaming of travel adventures that change us for the better.  There is a beautiful world out there.  Let’s experience...

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