Australia Travel Tips


When planning a vacation to Australia, please remember it's an island the size of continental U.S.A. It is wider across than the distance from New York to Los Angeles but has a population of only 23 million people.


The electric current used in Australia is 240 volts AC, 50 hertz. Sockets take two or three flat, not rounded, prongs. North Americans and Europeans will need to buy a converter before they leave home (don't wait until you get to Australia, because Australian stores are only likely to stock converters for Aussie appliances to fit American and European outlets). Some large hotels have 110V outlets for electric shavers or dual voltage, and some will lend converters; but don't count on it in smaller, less expensive hotels, motels, or B&Bs. Power does not start automatically when you plug in an appliance; you need to flick the switch located beside the socket to the "on" position.

Driving in Australia

A tourist may drive in Australia on a valid overseas driver's license if it's legible in English. If not, an international driving permit must be obtained and you must always carry your original license with you. Please remember to drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Fine Food and Wine

If you're passionate about fine food and wine, you'll fall in love with Australia. Australia is a multi-cultural nation so you can expect to find many different types of food throughout the country. Australian wines, local whiskeys and a growing microbrewery scene are becoming renowned throughout the world.


Australians do not depend on tips or gratuities for their income and tips are not expected for normal service, even in restaurants and bars. However, tipping in appreciation is at your discretion.

What to Pack

Australian lifestyle is generally informal and the accepted norm is to dress for comfort. We recommend you pack lightweight, comfortable clothes and shoes, while a sun hat and sunscreen are essential. If you're visiting during winter, leave space for a jacket or sweater, and if you're planning a special occasion, a more formal outfit may be required.




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