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This past summer a client called me about planning a honeymoon getaway in Cozumel. They had been looking on line & found what they perceived to be a perfect honeymoon resort. I knew that the resort was a decent 4 star property but a very average honeymoon resort. Instead of expressing my opinion on the best honeymoon ideas I preceded to ask them why they chose the resort & the destination. I also knew that it was low season & many upscale all-inclusive resorts offer great rates & extra resort amenities to attract guests.

Once I discovered that money was really the motivating factor not the location or the resort I was able to offer them the best honeymoon ideas to fit their dream & budget. Earlier that day I had come across an unbelievable honeymoon offer at the El Dorado Resort & Spa on the Riviera Maya through MLT Vacations. The resort was offering a free room upgrade, a honeymoon package, which included a romantic dinner for two on the beach, & a two for one airfare through Delta. I sent the info on the resort & explained that this was truly an amazing offer. Once they took a look at the property, the price and all that was included in the package they were sold.

I always call my client after they return from vacation to ask about their trip & accommodations. They loved it!!

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