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Travel BlogAndre’s Travel blog highlights unique travel destinations, travel tips & current trends in the travel industry. Our world is changing rapidly & not necessarily always for the better. I enjoying using my travel blog as a platform to address the causes and challenges, which directly affect tourism. Not only does this blog inform travelers about what is happening in the world of travel, but it also gives me the opportunity to offer sage advice. I will help you navigate the changes & travel better.

Andre’ Leavitt


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Time Travels Inc. has survived the never ending pandemic of 2020 and 2021. I am thankful to you, my clients & friends, for your support!!

Never has our tag line “It’s Time to Travel” felt more relevant then today. It truly is time to plan your next vacation. The pandemic inflicted invisible wounds & healing is in order. Travel can heal & inspire by providing active adventure, wellness, culture & sustainability into the itinerary. Not only will your travel experience be more exciting & fulfilling, but you will return home looking & feeling better.


This pandemic exposed our own fragility but also mother nature's suffering caused by humane excess. Sustainability is no longer just a buzz word but our only path for a future. It should surprise no one that segments of the travel industry are huge polluters without conscience. Yet there are travel companies, resorts & small ships, that have invested in eco-friendly ways. Where & how you spend your travel dollars is important and does make a difference to the destination you visit, the environment, and your health.

Let Time Travels Inc. help you to be a more informed & curious traveler, and to always Travel Like It’s Your Last Trip. “Retreats, excursions & ordinary trips can revitalize when initiated with soulful intention, energized with the present moment attention & sustained with the heart of a pilgrim”.

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