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The Wonders Down Under- Queensland Australia

When clients call about visiting Australia, I tell them to envision Australia as a large pie. Australia is about the same size as the USA. How much time and $$ one has will determine the size of the slice. Australia is open for business and the state of Queensland will wow you.

Flying into the Gold Coast and staying in Surfers Paradise will give you a real appreciation for Australia’s never-ending pristine beaches. Looking for a panoramic view? Sky Point observation deck is 750ft off the ground and offers a walk-off deck!

The highlight of almost any trip is the Whitsunday Islands. With 74, mostly uninhabited, islands, the Whitsundays are best described as slices of paradise located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. The charming town of Arlie Beach is the region’s central hub. From Arlie beach, you can boat to and fly over the reef. I spent my time on Hamilton Island, the largest inhabited island and a popular year-round destination.

For those who want to reconnect with nature, I recommend going further north to experience Cape Tribulation, where the Daintree Rain forest meets the Great Barrier Reef (both UNESCO World Heritage areas). Many tourists take a day trip from Port Douglas, but I know that staying several days in the rainforest will change you.

Queensland Australia has so much to offer, it's a must-do on your bucket list!