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South Pacific Virtual Vacation

The South Pacific is incredibly vast and blue, covering 11 million square miles stretching from the top of Australia to the Hawaiian Islands. Celebrated by artists and writers, from Paul Gauguin to James Michener, these thousands of tiny coral and volcanic-stone dots are home to fascinating peoples and cultures. Our presentation will focus on Tahiti and Fiji - the two most well known.

We will explore their allure to honeymooners, divers, adventures and those drawn to the lure of South Pacific. cast away on a palm fringed Fijian island or perhaps on over-water bungalow in Tahiti is more to your liking. 

Join our Down Under Coach, Jeff Adam for a fun and informative 45-minute presentation and learn from our South Pacific Specialist the reason you should consider Tahiti,and Fiji, PLUS we are doing a Bonus Specials Feature on the Cook Islands too!

Choose just ONE from the THREE SESSIONS below to ensure everyone can attend. Please include your Travel Advisors Name and Agency when registering.


We hope you will join us to discover the treasures that exist in a South Pacific escape spent in Tahiti, Fiji and the Cook Islands too!


Looking forward to seeing you Thur, May 14