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Travel BlogAndre’s Travel blog highlights unique travel destinations, travel tips & current trends in the travel industry. Our world is changing rapidly & not necessarily always for the better. I enjoying using my travel blog as a platform to address the causes and challenges, which directly affect tourism. Not only does this blog inform travelers about what is happening in the world of travel, but it also gives me the opportunity to offer sage advice. I will help you navigate the changes & travel better.

Andre’ Leavitt

Oahu's North Shore is a Jewel

A mere hour from Honolulu's bustle, the north shore of Oahu is one of Hawaii's laid-back gems: big wave surfs, amazing beaches, and food trucks famous for garlic shrimp & kombucha. It's also home to one of my all-time favorite properties, the Turtle Bay Resort. Turtle Bay Resort has been a perennial hit with all clients lucky enough to visit. With ample down time during the pandemic, Turtle Bay invested even more back into the resort and the result is a slice of paradise.

 "Turtle Bay Resort’s 1,300 acres of land includes 650 acres of permanently allocated conservation space, reaffirming the resort’s commitment to positive stewardship of the land. Secluded beaches, lush forests, expansive farmland." 


A wave of new experiences is in store for new and returning guests alike. Turtle Bay is rooted in deep cultural connections, soulful stories, and an unrivaled landscape. We invite you to explore our transformation and look forward to shaping your next group experience.

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