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The Breathtaking Norway

If you are nature lover & enjoy active adventure, then you need to add Norway to your bucket list!

We just returned from a 2-week land & cruise trip to Norway; 7 nights of the journey was the Svalbard Express via Hurtigruten’s Norwegian Coastal Express. Sailing form Bergen, up the beautiful Norwegian coast & to the remote Artic Archipelago of Svalbard & ending with 2 nights in the city Longyearbyen- the worlds northernmost settlement with a population greater then 1,000.

This is the land of the midnight Sun. No sunrise or sunset from April 20 – August 23.

Witnessing the amazing wildlife & some of the most beautiful scenery that nature has to offer, the fjords of Norway is humbling. The geology is fresh & the remnants of the glaciers that craved them are still there.

I added an extra 3 nights “Norway in a Nutshell” package. Olso to Bergen via Flam. To the trip. You don’t want to miss Flam & the Sognefjord. It’s breath taking and the hiking opportunities excellent. Just the adventure to get to Flam & back - Train, boat, bus & another train is worth it.