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Travel BlogAndre’s Travel blog highlights unique travel destinations, travel tips & current trends in the travel industry. Our world is changing rapidly & not necessarily always for the better. I enjoying using my travel blog as a platform to address the causes and challenges, which directly affect tourism. Not only does this blog inform travelers about what is happening in the world of travel, but it also gives me the opportunity to offer sage advice. I will help you navigate the changes & travel better.

Andre’ Leavitt

The Breathtaking Norway

If you are nature lover & enjoy active adventure, then you need to add Norway to your bucket list!

We just returned from a 2-week land & cruise trip to Norway; 7 nights of the journey was the Svalbard Express via Hurtigruten’s Norwegian Coastal Express. Sailing form Bergen, up the beautiful Norwegian coast & to the remote Artic Archipelago of Svalbard & ending with 2 nights in the city Longyearbyen- the worlds northernmost settlement with a population greater then 1,000.

This is the land of the midnight Sun. No sunrise or sunset from April 20 – August 23.

Witnessing the amazing wildlife & some of the most beautiful scenery that nature has to offer, the fjords of Norway is humbling. The geology is fresh & the remnants of the glaciers that craved them are still there.

I added an extra 3 nights “Norway in a Nutshell” package. Olso to Bergen via Flam. To the trip. You don’t want to miss Flam & the Sognefjord. It’s breath taking and the hiking opportunities excellent. Just the adventure to get to Flam & back - Train, boat, bus & another train is worth it.