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Expedition Cruises

4 Reasons to Take An Expedition Cruise


Step into nature to fully experience the destinations you visit. On walks or hikes, in boats or kayaks - we take you closer to nature and wildlife than anyone else Plus, on each expedition cruise, you'll have an onboard Expedition Team, a dedicated group of experts that will help you discover the best of each destination, and will be your guide on ship and on land.

Small Ships

Our ships are floating base-camps-at-sea, built specifically to cruise amongst extreme conditions and access remote regions. They also come with tools to assist you in fully exploring your surroundings, like kayaks, trekking poles, and snowshoes. And with around 500 people or less, you’ll have a relaxed and intimate experience.

Trans Alps Adventure

Remote Destinations

Whether you’re eager to meet friendly penguins or search for the elusive polar bear, we offer it all. Our expeditions to destinations like Antarctica, Svalbard, and Iceland are, simply put, unmatched. Explore untouched destinations off the beaten track. We take you to the wonders of the world from pole to pole. And we always take the scenic route.


Today we face some of the greatest challenges in our more than 125-year history: climate change, plastic waste and unsustainable mass tourism, which are all altering vulnerable ecosystems and threatening wildlife. As we lead expedition cruising and adventure tourism, Hurtigruten aims to raise and set new standards for the entire travel industry.