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Do you enjoy traveling off the beaten path, a journey with less crowds & a more authentic experience?

Then Finland would be a great choice for your next European adventure. Many add Finland to their Scandinavian itinerary, but if you like to dive in depth, spend the entire time here. Finland will not disappoint. Finland is the eighth largest country in the European Union but the most sparely populated.

One of the Finland’s most remarkable features is light. When the endless summer sun gives way to winter the Northern lights, appear in a big way. In Lapland, the northern part of Finland, the Aurora Borealis are visible for 200 nights a year. Best opportunity for viewing is late Sept – March.

The white summer nights called the Midnight Sun is another natural experience. The sun stays out between 19 – 24 hours in May & August depending how far north you are.

Clean air, water, lakes, forests & wildlife are a huge draw. Do you know that Santa Claus also resides in Lapland?

Let us not forget Finland’s capital Helsinki with its laid back lifestyle, historic districts, charming islands and the canal route, which is an excellent way to see the city. Do make time for a sauna. The Sauna originated in Finland approximately 2000 years ago and are very popular with the locals & tourists.

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