Travel Alaska If you have taken an Alaskan Cruise….you must go. Alaska is one of the most spectacular destinations in the Northern hemisphere. Whether you seek a romantic honeymoon or an anniversary getaway for two, a vow renewal with friends or adventurous small group travel..Alaska is amazing. Now think destination wedding. Envision that you are being married by the cruise captain with Glacier Bay as your back drop…wow. What a cool destination for a cruise wedding….no pun intended. This past August I traveled with my sisters Shannon & Mugz (Marguerite) on the north bound Coral Princess...
Traveling through Europe on a River Cruise is really a stress-free, fun way to adventure. This past year, I had the chance to sail the Danube River, Vienna to Nuremburg. It was truly a blast. Our river cruise ship, the Ama Sonata, carried only 160 passengers & dropped us right in the center of a new town daily. Bikes were always available. Ama Waterways has embraced fitness trends & only employs professional instructors. I appreciated their daily excursions, and that each was set up by fitness level and difficultly. Practicing Yoga, or doing Zumba on the top deck, became an excellent...



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